Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dining Low Down...

I thought I might share an interesting story with you all about the purchase of our dining table. We found it at Pier 1 one weekend and noticed it was on sale. Unwilling to commit to getting it without thinking about my other options I left the store. I thought on it a week...well really wished I would have gone and gotten it for a week is more like it. I sent in the hubs by himself to get the table. Someone had to stay in the car with the kids you know. So he comes out we load her up and I am so excited, when Josh proceeds to tell me that they tried to charge him $80 extra dollars for the legs of the table. I said your kidding right? Nope. No there aren't interchangeable styles of legs for the table, they are the ones that go to the table, but unless you want this style of table

you must purchase the legs! Well they told that to the wrong man. Mr. Peak who does sales for a living, just informed them of how he was not paying for the legs and she was going to throw those in. In his eloquent way don't you know. And by george we didn't pay extra for the legs. My question is~ will this be a new trend?! Here is this lovely dining table but if you want it you better expect to pay more than the sticker price!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!! Sounds like my Josh and your Josh are a lot a like!!

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