Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Next Chapter...

Tonight we are staying in with the kids, doing the usual round the house stuff.  So nice to have my hubby, who is always so busy, in and to have his undivided attention. 

It has been a productive year, I am planning on an even better 2009! Thank you all so much for your comments. You don't know how much I appreciate them. This blog has been so much fun for me. My little getaway! So thank you again, here is my virtual toast!

It is going to be a DIVINE 09'!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yet Another Room...

Well I have our headboard finished and it is even hung. Although this not a post about it's reveal, because the end tables I have been wanting are still sitting in Dallas waiting for me. Those perfect mirrors are well... still out there. I went to a discount home interiors store today and found a mirror I thought might work. The problem was that there was only one. I need two. So maybe the next outing will yield something.

I have mentioned my disorder of jumping to the next room without completing the room I have started on. So today we will just go ahead and jump over to the kids room. The twins share a room an are almost ready to graduate to big kid beds. So here is one of the beds I am swooning over.

I am thinking of adding a trundle, for space saving reason. Rather than have two bed we can simply store the other mattress during the day and pull it out at night.

I also got their curtains hung. I picked them up at, you guessed it, Target. It is shaping up.  So anyhoo, what do you think of the bed?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Wishes...

Wishing you and your families the warmest Christmas wishes. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas To Do List...

I am hoping to start upholstering a head board for our master bedroom over the couple of extra days off.  I have sold my old end tables. The sad part of that story is that I have not picked up my new ones. Mostly because the ones I really want are in Texas at Ikea! Darn the luck! I am so trying to talk the hubby into a one day trip down there. So far he isn't buying it. Although once he is without an end table he may think twice. Still looking for mirrors. I know what I want just haven't found them.

So getting ever so close to a wrap up on this room. For now, you know things are always a changing around here. I seem to keep it the same for a few years and them am ready for a new paint color and some freshening up.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How To Eat An Oreo...

Since I don't often buy cookies and keep in the house I thought it would be a fun treat to get some Oreo's at the store. I didn't even tell the kids until it was time to dunk their first one. I had them all get in their chairs and told them I was bringing a surprise. They could hardly stand it. They each got their milk first, looking at me with a blank look, I handed them each a cookie. I showed them how to dunk it and this is how it went! Rhett stayed relatively clean, like an old pro!

Blair on the other hand enjoyed hers thoroughly, wearing half of her cookie.

Jude...well he had a rather unique approach, toss it in let it soak and then feel around in the milk until he found it!

As for me, I waited til I had them all in bed. Mixed me up some bath salt with essential oil, and soaked in the tub enjoying my Oreo's and milk all by myself. Doesn't get much better than that!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paint Therapy...

This past weekend was one filled with paint therapy. Why? Because what sounds like torture to some is therapy for me. While the kids went up to my in laws and spent the night, I got busy painting two bedrooms. The only two I have had left. The two that can't be done while everyone sleeps. The master bedroom and the kids bedroom. Several months ago I found some cute curtains I want to hang in the kids room, but I had to paint first. So I am just now getting to it. Also I am in the midst of freshening up the master. You have seen the bedding, and now the walls are painted. If the nasty weather will hold off this week, my plan for upholstering my own headboard will be in full swing over the holiday break from work. It may take me a bit. I still have not decided on curtains, although I did get the lamps I have been swooning over. So what's left are: the curtains, headboard, end tables and I am almost there. It is amazing how paint can change a room though, isn't it? So clean and fresh. BTW, I did go "Green" with the paint. The brand I used was FreshAir. Sold at Home Depot. There was almost no odor. It was great! Well that's it for now.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Have A Crush...

On these lovely items: both from Urban Outfitters

Now if I could just stop jumping from room to room. I seem to accidently skip to the next room before I have finished the one I was working on. It is not on purpose it just happens. I will see something that would be perfect for a room I had not planned to start just yet. But...what if I don't get this great thing. It might be gone when I come back. So I blow my money on that have to have item and am left with an unfinished room. I'll try to get with it. I won't promise though!

The plans are for some painting this weekend. Ahhh a step in the right direction. Peace and chicken grease!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Decorating 101...

Around here we are the Peak ( no pun intended) of Chic! Ha! Our fabulous holiday decor will just floor you! For me it's called decorating with 3 and under in mind. Don't you just love the tree? I had these big plans of this white tree with my steel blue walls. Silver and blue ornaments to tie in with my room. Maybe next year!? We'll see!


Four years ago today my life would change forever. I was blessed with one sweet little boy! I can't say enough about what a polite, thoughtful, and helpful young man he is. Yesterday we partied at Chuck E. Cheese!
Happy Birthday, Rhett!!

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