Sunday, June 24, 2007

Twins 0-3 months

Well I have to say a lot of the first three months will be a blur. You will bottle and diaper and bottle and diaper again. Sounds pretty easy huh. Try adding in a then 20 month old. Who thank heaven is one of the sweetest most loving boys. I'll never forget the day we brought the twins home from the hospital. Rhett just instantly loved them. Blair came home first, while Jude had to stay an extra day. We could not go to pick Jude up until after Rhett had gone to bed for the evening, so he didn't realize that there were two babies coming to live with us. I put him to bed that evening like I always did and then went to pick up Jude. When Rhett woke up the next morning and ran to the living room as fast as he could to see Blair. He looked at Blair setting in her nursing pillow and then quickly noticed Jude. He looked at one baby and then the other, back and forth for a few minutes. Looked at me as if to say where did this one come from. Those were his babies. He liked to give bottles and Binky's and bring diapers. What a great little helper.

So if you are looking for some tips today to managing twins I would definitely say that having nursing pillows are a must if you are going to bottle feed. For me the thought of some help when feeding the twins was comforting. My trick is to set a child on either side of me in the nursing pillows with bottles propped. Which of course all of the books tell you never to do. But this is real life and you do what you have gotta do, right. Burp one child and then the other, until they have reached the end of their bottles. And of course if you are like me and still have another small child who needs your attention and wants to be a part of what is going on, well he is setting on my lap during bottle time. We don't want any ones feelings hurt or to feel left out. If you think I am kidding I am not. This has been my routine for the past ten months. I am all about raising my children with a strong self image and I believe it starts right off the bat. So praise your little ones for wanting to help. Encourage the interaction, hugs and kisses that your older child shows the babies.

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