Thursday, October 30, 2008

Closet Envy...

A few posts ago I shared a few pictures of some fabulous closets. Well that got me really thinking that there had to be a solution for my sad little 1950's closet. As I lay in bed one night I got the bright idea to measure the depth of the closet and then from the door opening to the side wall. Out came the measuring tape, there indeed was enough space from the door opening to the side wall to run the clothes bar. It would actually give me more hanging space! So when you open the closet instead of seeing a single bar of clothes, I hung the bars on either side of the door opening creating a walk in closet! One side has short hanging and the other side is long hanging. I am going for the dressing room feel, but because we do have plans to sell our home in the future I don't want to be to over the top.

So to finish off the closet with a bit of chic boutique feel I have purchased some paintable wall paper with a subtle print, that will line the back wall of the closet. I am then going to paint the wall paper a nice subtle hue that will coordinate with the master bedroom. Simply moving the bars over have made such an improvement. Not so claustrophobic! So pictures will be coming soon. I still have wallpapering and painting to finish in there. One of those thing you can't really do with the kiddos hanging around. Great little helpers, but I will have to go this one alone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wrap Up...

So speaking of the upcoming Christmas season, I recently picked up a copy of Ty Pennington At Home. It had some cute ideas for wrapping paper. Don't you know I had to put my lil twist on this idea. Since I am not going to make my own wrapping paper (this year), I thought I might take this sweet idea and make it mine. First wrap the gift in a glossy red foil paper like this found at the Container Store. Next add a band of paper around the package leaving the red ends exposed. I love the black and white. Finally end with a ribbon. Simple, yet chic! I always go for a paper wrapping theme. That I can at least have some control over. The tree is a totally different story. With twins that are 2 years old I may have a table top tree this year and call it good. We will see. Happy wrapping!

Thinking Ahead...

Or trying to any way! I have said since last year that I am going to send out Christmas cards this year. I have been all over the place Shutterfly, Kodak, Tiny Prints, Paper Shouts and the winner is. Kodak! They have a cute selection that won't break the bank. I have to say Tiny Prints has some BEAUTIFUL things. So if you have a larger budget then I would spring for those! So here are some of my contenders.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Totally Random...

I sooooo could use to get away with my hubby! That fab sounding little trip we were going to take for his 30th birthday...well we didn't! Josh has so much going on with his biz and so little time! All the two year old action we have going on around here has me in some need of some serious R&R! With the holidays fast approaching that is probably not going to happen. One can hope though can't she!

On a slightly different note, remember my urban letters, I am considering opening an Etsy store. I think they would make great Christmas gifts. What do ya think?

Okay and the last part of this very random post! I taught the twins to give an Eskimo kiss, you know, rub your noses together! They thought it was so funny. They would touch noses and laugh. Blair would say "do gins". Translation do it again. So Jude would! So funny to watch. Here is as close as I got to a pic!

Here are a few others from over last weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

British Invasion...

I have to say I found this chick, Adele, quite by accident on SNL over the weekend. I am really lovin her sound. So I thought I would share. Hope you like the music as much as I do!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Well I am feeling kind of dorky writing this since a few days ago I wrote a similar post. So hopefully this won't bore you to tears because I am just not that interesting! My new friend Tonya's post is so much better than mine! Here goes!

1~ I have a complete and total obsession with pretty paper! Almost every time I go into target I have to stroll down the stationery isle to see if they have anything new. I am also lusting over some gorgeous Christmas cards over at Tiny Prints. If you have never visited it is a must do!

2~ I grew up on a 100 acre farm in a small town. Living the high life! HA! We had every kind of animal you could think of from cows, pigs, goats to dogs, chickens and a few cats who didn't last very long. I can honestly say I do not one single bit miss all the work that went along with keeping up those kinds of animals and that much land. Although I do enjoy going out and sitting in the quiet now and then. Never would I take on that much again by choice. Just getting my 3 little animals (kids) fed, bathed, and disciplined is enough to tire me out.

3~ I am a MMA freak! You know mixed martial arts or UFC. Oh yeah, I have my favorite guys that I root for. AHHEM Chuck "Iceman" Lidell, who isn't doing so hot right now. Rich "ACE" Franklin, who can't quite get past Anderson "Spider" Silva. Renato "Babalu" Sobral. SEE!... We watch weigh in on the net and the whole bit. I even love checking out all the tattoos. I know you are shaking your head, but it is all my husband fault. You know I had nothing to do with this addiction. He was the wrestler I fell in love with, and apparently I fell in love with the sport too!

4~ I was 16 and my dad had given me a check to go in and get gas after school. So I pulled up, put the gas in to my car and went in to pay. Well the clerk looked at the check and handed it back to me saying I forged it. "What" I said? Don't you know I was totally stunned. He proceeded to tell me that the first letter of dads name didn't look like it was suppose to. I guess he was now a hand writing analyst as well as a gas station employee. So after haggling over it a few minutes I said I would be back with my dad in a few. Giving him the $6 I had on me I left. Now you have to know my dad. He is not a patient man, so I thought here we go we are going to give this guy what for when we get back to that station.

So we pull up and go inside. And my dad very quietly and calmly asked what the problem was, paid the man the rest of the money and we left. Well safe to say that I was shocked he did not lay into this guy for insulting his daughter. To think of me as a forger. I was a little hurt that he didn't take some of that quick temper and put to use on that guy.

5~ Right after Josh and I got married we moved to a Kansas college town, he was entering his 3 year of wrestling in college. Because we had decided on this college kind of late in the game all of the decent housing was rented. So we ended up in a seedy trailer park. I was glad that Josh decided he wanted to concentrate on his marketing major and stop wrestling after the first semester there. Especially because the next year there was a murder in that trailer park!! EEKKK

6~ One of our frequent trips has always been to Dallas, Texas. On one of our very first trips we chose to stay in a hotel right off the hwy towards downtown. We had been all over and were exhausted. So to sleep we went only to be awakened by the fire alarm. I jumped up pulled on some pants grabbed my purse and down the stairs we went. When we got down stairs the girl at the front desk told us it was a malfunctioning alarm. I could not sleep a wink after that. All I could think is "how does she know", "maybe it is a small fire somewhere you haven't looked".
I eventually fell asleep and awoke the next morning alive and well. We haven't stayed in that hotel since.

7~ Last but not least. My parent had went away on a cruise and my grandparents had come from out of state to babysit. I was around 9 years old. Well when I was a kid we raised rottweilers. I know what your thinking, but most of them were so sweet. Apparently I had not been listening to the do not go into that pen warning. My sister and I crawled over the fence to get in the large dogs pen and play in there and mess around with the dogs. I don't quite remember how I got down the I ended up being drug by the hair of my head all over that pen. My sister was able to get away and get inside to fetch my grandparents. Who don't you know were scared to death. I remember looking up bargaining with the two dogs. Who could have hurt me real good if they would have wanted to. Maybe this was a reminder to stay out of their territory. I was able to get away unscathed. Just a few minor scrapes on the head. And some shook up Grandparents!

The End!

So tag girls your it! The rules are posted above.

Getting Inspired...

Well don't you know if I could I would give just about every room an overhaul at one time! Since that is not reality (one can dream) I was bee bopping around the net getting inspired for the next project. You know there is always one. Drives my husband crazy. But he keeps coming back for more, so he must like me a little. I would love to get my hands on Josh's office. It is such a mish mash of things. So here is a bit of inspiration.

Since blue-grey my color of choice right now.

While shop hopping I fell in love. With a buffet from West Elm that is.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I found this over at facebook, and it just cracks me up. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


With the holidays fast approaching these pictures came to mind. Since I did not do anything last year, I am going to have to get on the ball this year! Just thought I would share.

Rhett Blair Jude (Yes he still acts this way)

Monday, October 6, 2008

6 Things You Might Not Know About Me...

Just a bit of getting to know ya better! Hope you enjoy.

1~I used to be shy, I swear. So shy in fact when I was a young girl I wouldn't even look people in the eye. Now you can't hardly shut me up, probably the biz I am in. BTW, I am a hairstylist. I guess that is why all of my kiddos are talkers. Although I can't take all the credit my hubby is in the people biz too!

2~I can sing. I was a soprano in my high school choir and loved to sing. But being the wall flower that I was in those days, was to shy to do only one solo during our annual Christmas concert. Of course now the only people who hear me sing are my hubby and kids and the occasional client, if I'm feeling frisky!

3~ I am a pretty kick butt soccer player. I played pretty well my whole life and still enjoy Rhett trying to chase me down with the ball. A little keep away if you will. Until he tackles me. My sister was always the great athlete, but I was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

4~I would love to be a vegan. Some may think I am crazy, but I have read so many thing about this life style that I wished I could do it. Although I have read so many thing that now I am so overwhelmed I am not sure how to start. That and I have a son named Jude who never met a veggie he liked! AAARRRGGHH!

5~French Kiss is my favorite movie of all time! I just love Meg Ryan and one of these years I will go out and see her new movie "The Women".

6~I have a fear of cats. They are so unpredictable. Not like dogs who you can tell if they are friendly of not. Cats, nope they can just pounce on you. Scary! How dorky am I?!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OOHHH Shoe Shopping...

What a day, I realized that Rhett's shoes were to little today. Feeling like such a heel that I had not noticed before now, I thought I would run out and get him some new shoes. Easy, right? NOT! Of course it doesn't help that I am picky. I really hate for my kids to be tripping all over themselves with the clunky shoes that most places make. So I was opting for a Puma. Sleek, with not a big chunky sole. We stopped at Old Navy to get socks and Famous Footwear is right next door. So I thought what the heck while we are here I will run in and look. Nothing. So on over to Kohl's, I was also looking for pj's on sale. Nope, nothing here either. Next to the mall. Into Journey's we went every shoe I picked out they did not have his size. AAAHHH! Feeling like such a jerk when she offered to ship to my house his size from their online store, I just couldn't do it knowing his shoes were to small. So out to the other mall to see if they might have his size. BINGO! YAY! Now my poor little guy won't have squished toes the next time he pulls on those shoes. I might add that we also made a Target run in the middle of all this madness. You know running all over town is not such a big deal til you have to unbuckle and rebuckle 3 kids every time you get out. Unload the stroller and load the stroller. Not to mention the hydrolic on the back end of our suv just went out so trying to load that stinking double stroller and get that heavy door open 50 times is just tiring in itself! Safe to say this chick is ready for B-E-D! See ya soon!

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