Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wrap Up...

So speaking of the upcoming Christmas season, I recently picked up a copy of Ty Pennington At Home. It had some cute ideas for wrapping paper. Don't you know I had to put my lil twist on this idea. Since I am not going to make my own wrapping paper (this year), I thought I might take this sweet idea and make it mine. First wrap the gift in a glossy red foil paper like this found at the Container Store. Next add a band of paper around the package leaving the red ends exposed. I love the black and white. Finally end with a ribbon. Simple, yet chic! I always go for a paper wrapping theme. That I can at least have some control over. The tree is a totally different story. With twins that are 2 years old I may have a table top tree this year and call it good. We will see. Happy wrapping!


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