Wednesday, October 1, 2008

OOHHH Shoe Shopping...

What a day, I realized that Rhett's shoes were to little today. Feeling like such a heel that I had not noticed before now, I thought I would run out and get him some new shoes. Easy, right? NOT! Of course it doesn't help that I am picky. I really hate for my kids to be tripping all over themselves with the clunky shoes that most places make. So I was opting for a Puma. Sleek, with not a big chunky sole. We stopped at Old Navy to get socks and Famous Footwear is right next door. So I thought what the heck while we are here I will run in and look. Nothing. So on over to Kohl's, I was also looking for pj's on sale. Nope, nothing here either. Next to the mall. Into Journey's we went every shoe I picked out they did not have his size. AAAHHH! Feeling like such a jerk when she offered to ship to my house his size from their online store, I just couldn't do it knowing his shoes were to small. So out to the other mall to see if they might have his size. BINGO! YAY! Now my poor little guy won't have squished toes the next time he pulls on those shoes. I might add that we also made a Target run in the middle of all this madness. You know running all over town is not such a big deal til you have to unbuckle and rebuckle 3 kids every time you get out. Unload the stroller and load the stroller. Not to mention the hydrolic on the back end of our suv just went out so trying to load that stinking double stroller and get that heavy door open 50 times is just tiring in itself! Safe to say this chick is ready for B-E-D! See ya soon!


Freckles Chick said...

I don't know how you do it, J! You're Super Mom AND you still manage to have such a lovely, chic home. I'm shaking my head in amazement.

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