Sunday, November 30, 2008

AAAHHH Thanksgiving...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My grandma came into town. It was so nice to see her, she lives 5 hours away and with 3 kids it is hard to get over there. We certainly enjoyed her company! The kids just gushed over her and she was even able to come to church with us on Sat. evening. I think she might have thought she was at a concert though. The music part of the service is a bit...well...very loud!

(mom, gram, me, sis morgan, sis kate)

Among other things we got to see our sweet little nephew, Cannon. Whom we don't get to see often enough! Hint, hint there sister if your reading. Thanksgiving evening we went to Utica Square to see the annual lights on. Where they turn on Christmas lights to the many trees around the open air mall. It is so beautiful! Canon

Jude and Blair
And since I was going to be off work for several days in a row I thought what better time to try and get Jude off the binki! No he didn't run around with it all day long. But he did have it at bed time every night. And yes he is a little over 2 years old. He has been binki free for 4 nights now. It does come with a price though. Around 12 or 1 a.m. he comes crying into my bedroom and I walk him back in to bed and stand there the few minutes it takes him to fall back asleep. He then proceeds to wake up again around 5:30 and not be able to fall back asleep as well. So he generally stays in with us til time to get up. What a trade off. I am not real sure it is worth it. I guess the thought of permanently messed up teeth or spending some time to baby him around bed time speaks for itself.

Then there was dancing with daddy. Here Blair is feeling the beat, eyes closed and all. While daddy sings!

And of course wrestling! It isn't the Peak house hold without wrestling. Did I mention my husband wrestled in college.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fabulous Blog Award...

So sweet of my friend Cari to award this lil ole blog. So I'll do my best of follow the rules!

And the rules are: List 5 addictions and then pass this award onto 5 friends!

1) Home decor anything, magazines, websites even ads in the paper! If only the time and money to do all the lovely ideas I have collected over the years!

2) Shoes for my kiddos, I will forgo a cute pair of shoes for myself to get my kids a nice pair of shoes. Seems like most of the cheap stuff is so clunky and ugly! I like them to have a quality shoe!

3) Getting a cookie from Panera or Queenie's about 3:00 almost every day! AAHHH what a bad habit to have!

4) Blogging, and reading blogs! I love all the different kinds of blogs from life style to decorating to parenting! So much fun and totally addictive!

5) Last but certainly not least is...Target. I am completely addicted! I love EVERYTHING they have. I could spend hours and hours or...well... till the kids are whining and ready to go home. You didn't think I got to go by myself did you!

And the awards goes to: Mrs Serendipity

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bride Someday...

My brother-in-law got married a few weeks ago and I was able to get this little shot of Blair with her daddy at rehearsal. One of these days I will be looking at this saying I can't believe the time went so fast! My pretty little girl is all grown up!

More Bedroom On The Brain...

That's right perusing the bedroom decor again. I just love this bed. What a neat shape. This one happens to be of the bedding we just got. Why did I get to get new bedding besides the fact that I just wanted some. Well it is a story involving Jude, some poo, and an important phone call my husband just had to take in the other room. Are you getting my drift! So YAY for me I got some pretty bedding! I love the tranquility of this room so soothing!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fruit Salad?...

Rhett has been dying to make some fruit salad, so I thought what the heck. Something they could all help me make. I washed and sliced all of the fruit and then had them help me put it into the bowl and take turns stirring it up. They had a ball, not to mention ate every bite of it we made!

And a pic of me and B. cause you know I'm always the one behind the camera!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bedroom Mood...

My master bedroom has always been a mishmash of things. So I thought I might start brainstorming on a few things I might like to have come make a permanent stay in this room. Starting with a soothing grayish wall color. Possibly a blue-grey headboard. I do have a charcoal grey love seat that will be staying. Besides that, it will be a total overhaul. What are your thoughts?

master bedroom mood by GGGGlad

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Droolin' And Dreamin'...

I am totally diggin' these mirrors, Lovin' this wall paper and wishin' this were my office!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cake Truffle...

   So a few of my clients have come in telling me of this wedding cake type of place that is in town. The story is they have these truffles that are to die for. Cake,( chocolate, strawberry, carrot) wrapped in some chocolate! Sounds pretty good huh? Well as it turned out my friend was going by there when I finished up her hair to check about a cake for her daughters wedding. Low and behold she came back in with a present for me! OMG! Can I tell you  how excited I was! See how lame I am, a little chocolate will just throw me right into a...well you get the picture. Just as soon as I could I got over to try one. Can I just say pure and total heaven! It was almost like biting into this perfectly chewy brownie with a semi-crunchy chocolate outer layer! Ship me off to a desert island with only those and I can tell I would get along just fine. After I devoured the box of six she so sweetly picked up for me, yesterday. I went back today and got 12!, yes 12 more! You know I did share with the fam....a little!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm A Shoe In...

Well the results are in on my comfort shoe quest. Although I was hoping for this wonderfully padded foot bed in a 2 inch wedge, I ended up with flats. Not too bad looking. The first pair is a Born in a fun shiny bronze. Ultra padded foot bed...heaven.

The next is a Naturalizer, that too is heaven to walk in. It was actually the first pair I bought. We went into Dillard's and my size was on the rack so I slipped it on. It felt great, but I wasn't sure I was in love with it. We left and walked around. I couldn't help but think about the comfort factor which was growing far more important than my need for cuteness. So back we went and they were on sale. The last pair in my size I might add. Yippie!

And just because a girl still needs to feel like she is cute I found this pair at a discount shoe store and thought "Why Not". That put a little pep in my step. I only want to have to be semi-frumpy a few days a week! The only down side to having your own biz that you stand the majority of the time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comfort Shoes...

Why is it that all the cute shoes kill your feet after 10 hours of standing! Can't they put those cushioned soles in them. I have been hunting a pair of cute and comfy shoes, online only, with very few cute options. I may very well be working in flip flops all winter. Every thing has to look so frumpy. I am not really a frumpy kind of girl. So I think this weekend I am going to venture out to the stores with my wide leg jeans and see if I can't find a cute comfortable shoe. Wish me luck!
What most comfort brands looks like!

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