Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Another Count Down...

We are quite exciting here are the Peak household! We watch lots of movies and we are counting down the arrival of the next big thing! The Veggie Tales movie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! It is a big deal. Even my non talker Jude can say (Q) Pirates Who Don't Do Anything?... (A)October... This is a question that he answers himself! The raw talent! I am even planning to go into work a bit later so we can go pick up the movie on the Tuesday it comes out! Only a couple more weeks! WAHOOO!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Find Your Style...

This summer I have been glued to the tube every Saturday afternoon @ 2:00 for Find Your Style on HGTV. Well really the DVR picks it up and at some point over the weekend I find time to replay it! Talk about the best show. I don't think I have seen an episode that I didn't just love. I so wish I could have Karen McAloon come help me make over a room in my home. So just in case you have missed an episode or two here are some of my favorite results! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Count Down To The Big 3-0...

My hard working hubby will be turning 30 in about a week. It is hard to believe since we started dating when he was just 15 years old! Man time flies. So we are anticipating a little alone trip to Dallas next weekend. I am counting down! Our favorite little home away from home trip! Ahh and then there is La Hacienda, one of our favorite restaurant stops! They just have the best Tex-mex food. A few other pit stops will include the Stonebriar mall and the famous Ikea. Where, I have been dreaming of , well everything, a table and some rather modern chairs. The table is pretty classic and chairs will give a little punch. So anyhoo, can you tell I am excited! Happy Birthday to Josh!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Ready For Pumpkins...

  • I have been itching to put out pumpkins, and this twist on the carved pumpkin hasn't helped matters any. Too cute, a monogrammed pumpkin! I think it will be a must do! I have a few other ideas for pumpkin decorating with the kids! Pictures to come!

    Picture provided by

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coming Out Of The Closet...

Living in a 1950's home definitely leaves some to be desired in the way of closet space. Right now I have my clothes in our master bedroom and my husband in his office. Works our pretty well that way. Needing a little closet space, I thought I would pass on these swoon worthy pics. Kind of beckons the feeling of busting out a wall to make room for this kind of "luxury". Courtesy of Nicole

Inspiration courtesy of Lisa Adams.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Entry X 2...

I finally got all of the frames I wanted for our new pictures. Now to arrange them. The first try, I hung them up on the wall, something just was not quite right. See below.

So on second thought:

The rearranged version is oh so much better! I love it. I love having our pictures up to look at. They turned out so great and it just puts the finishing touch on our entry way! So what do you think? Better the second time around?

Also a small tweak on the hall way shelves. Can you see what it is?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Party Time...

Today was my sisters only baby's (so far) 1st birthday party. It was so much fun. My kids love their little cousin Cannon. Kate (my sis) had some large inflatable toys that were great for the kids! They bounced and crawled the afternoon away. What a BLAST! Isn't he a cutie! CLEAN: NOT SO CLEAN: This is one of my favorites. Rhett in the bouncer!
Thanks sis for letting us be a part of this special day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay so I have been drooling over these shoes all summer, but would never lay down the $75 price tag. Cute and comfy for work, yes they are! So as I thought I would browse the ugly comfort shoe isle at I happened across my shoes, ON SALE! I was able to get these puppies for $45! Now I am kind of a cheap scape, but I wasn't going to procrastinate on this deal! I am so excited! What do ya think?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Box City...

Another great idea from one mommy to another. Thanks Ashley, again. The boys had a great time with this little box city. We cover boxes (diaper box, popcorn box) with the back side of wrapping paper to make stores and places to visit. Rhett and Jude had a ball driving there cars up and down the street visiting all of their favorite places without leaving home. We had to have a beauty shop, toy store and Barnes and Noble. Funny huh!

Zoo Trip... Again

As you may know we like the zoo. Cheap entertainment for the kids. With the weather more mild we decided to make a weekend trip. The Chimpanzees put on quiet a show, running and making noise. The highlight of the visit was the train ride. Note to self: a round trip token is worth it. You see the train ride was not nearly long enough for the kids. Every one of them were whining to stay on, even Blair! So here are a few pics to share.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Little Time For Rhett...

Today the twins actually took a nap, which allowed me to have some time to spend with Rhett doing BIG boy things. So I had bought some finger paint and have been wanting some cute things for their room, I am finally going to get together. So here is Mr. Artist in his apron, I made in High School no less. Looking pretty handsome.

While he did that I worked on another piece I am going to add to their room. Inspiration from a friend. Thank you! You know who you are!

And finally we worked on some motor skills, coloring and practicing with our new scissors. One rule, we only cut paper. NOT HAIR! LOL!

It was really fun, I don't get to spend time with him like this very often! I loved every minute of it! Here are a few of the finished product.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wish List...

Well I am now realizing that the camera I bought last year is not what I should have. Darn it. I had purchased a Fuji that sounded like it had a great zoom. Thinking that buying a camera with interchangeable lenses would be over my head I purchased the Fuji. Mistake. So I am currently drooling over the Canon Rebel XSi. With it's 12 mp, and interchangeable lenses. So a saving I will be, for this swoon worthy camera. In hopes of getting Ashley like photos. One can dream can't she!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I walked over to get something out of my purse and heard the sound of one of the kids trains running. So as I slowly slid the console door open this is what I saw...

Just hanging out I guess. It just made me laugh. I guess at least she was in it instead of standing on top of it. She is a heck of a climber. Last week I couldn't find her and when I did she was standing in my kitchen sink. Now that will give you a heart attack!

Entry Wall...

Since I have no actual entry way I am have made a pretend one, by arranging my furniture in such a way. And thanks to Ashley we now have some great pictures to put on this wall. I recently painted our living room and this wall blue. To make the "entry" wall different from the others I taped off stripes and painted them the same color of blue but in a semi-gloss. The other is all flat paint. I hung a bracket less shelf and am now adding my pictures. So I'll be back soon with a finished wall of pics and the whole living room.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Awesome Responsiblilty...

When I had my first baby I knew I was destined for some big things. I had this feeling deep down in my gut. I knew I was not going to be sending him (or any of my kiddos) off to kindergarten, but instead to teach them at home. It is amazing to me every day all the questions that Rhett asks me and how very much he is learning just by that. Today we were talking about baking brownies and he asked if we could cut them into triangles instead of squares. There we go learning our shapes. Sometimes I let this awesome responsibility overwhelm me. How blessed am I? To get to be there to see each one of them learn to read, write their name and countless other things. I am truly excited about this journey we are embarking on together. As the twins are growing they too are eager to learn. Little sponges they are!

I want to send out a little love to all my teacher friends and my homeschooling friends. Thanks for the support and encouragement! Love you guys!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Background...

Tonight while perusing the web I came across this really great site Talk about living up to it's name. So many cute things only 1 blog! So I thought I would share this new found T-riffic site! Hope you all enjoy looking over it as much as I did. Of course I like changing things around on my site as much as I like rearranging my house! Just as the hubs! Have a great weekend!

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