Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Ready For Pumpkins...

  • I have been itching to put out pumpkins, and this twist on the carved pumpkin hasn't helped matters any. Too cute, a monogrammed pumpkin! I think it will be a must do! I have a few other ideas for pumpkin decorating with the kids! Pictures to come!

    Picture provided by


Serendipity said...

Where did you find these pumpkins! They are awesome! I am for sure doing this with at least one of ours!

I'm glad you liked the website. I think it is so full of color and that is my style - color! I just think one of the best parts of a child is their beautiful, innocent eyes! And the color should pop!

Unknown said...

T~ I found the pumpkin pics @ They had some really cute ideas!

I think that photographers style fit you to a T!

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