Monday, March 30, 2009

Parfum Decor...

Well now that the kids are out of that lay their head on your shoulder all the time and spit up on you stage, I have found myself indulging in parfum. I have never really been a fragrance girl. I'm not sure why, and when the kids were all little bitty I didn't want them smothering in a shoulder of parfum. This frangrance fetish has become almost ridiculous.  

This one is Viva La Juicy, first came across it in a magazine. 
Had to have it, and I'm not really a have to have it 
kind of girl!

Now I saw all of these crazy looking ads for this next one. Which made me curious. So into 
Sephora I went to sample. Instant love and for $25 you can't go wrong. Fav's are Harajuka's lil Angle and Lovers Love.
I have a wonderful customer who works at Sak's Fifth Avenue that brought me a
roll on travel size of Dolce and Gabbana's The  One. She must be getting 
to know me pretty well. I love it! And I have sure fallen in love with the
those travel sizes. 
Feeling smelly...roll it on!
Last but certainly not least is one of my all time fav's. My sister got me this for
christmas a couple of years ago. It is Narciso Rodriguez's Musc for her. I know
when I think of musc I think of skunk pee too! But it really is so fresh and light and yummy.
Thanks again sister! Now I'm feeling all girly again. 
{all photos courtesy}

So do you have a fav? Or do you forgo the parfumes all together and just do scented lotion?
Isn't it great to be a girl?!


jen said...

funny. i was at the sephora in owasso last weekend on a search for the narcisco rodriguez perfume. and they were out!

the viva la juicy took me back. it reminded me in a slight way of debbie gibson's "electric youth" perfume. smelled delicous

Jesse said...

Jen, That is so funny! I used to wear electirc youth parum back in the day!

Do you live in Owasso?

I work over there.

Kate said...

I love all those!!!! I love Bvlgari Omnia Chrystalline!!!

Jesse said...

I haven't smelled that one yet, sis.

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