Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Neat Products...

I found these two neat products today that I had to share. I know not every one has babies or even small children but I thought they were something to cool not pass on. The first pic is of a baby seat/bed. It provides some elevation, and is made of foam and cozy blanket material. Great for a baby who might have reflux or a cold and needs to be propped up. I would have loved to have something like this when Rhett was a baby. He always like to have a little bit of elevation when he slept. At least maybe for napping. 

This is something I would love to have now! We play a lot in the front yard, and I always park the car down at the end of the drive to act as a barrier between the kids and the road. This would be so great to keep the balls in the yard and just keep them from being so tempted to ride out into the street. It is retractable! Love this


Anonymous said...

LOVE this too but I raised my girls long before these great inventions came out so I just used my car as the barrier. Parked long ways (or parallel Sp?) it prevents them from running into the street and cars from pulling into the drive but it won't prevent those loose balls from running out. just my 2 cents

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