Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fab Finds...

I think I have mentioned that my husband and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary this year. So when I came across this necklace on Etsy I was instantly in love. Aren't they cute.
I am a big fan of turquoise, or just about anything resembling that gorgeous blue. The chunkiness of this ring and the color I think are perfect.
The ring and this necklace are both found here.
Here we go again that beautiful blue done in a vintage fashion. *rrraaarrr*
Cute... just Cute is the word to describe this lil ring. Both the necklace and ring found here. I love Etsy, to know you are buying from people with such creative talent! I love supporting entrepreneurs! 


Yvonne said...

there is a woman here locally who does the same thing, a portion of her proceeds go to a special organization. if you are interested, let me know....i have one with my daughter's name on it..I LOVE IT!! she does alot of similar things & had to check out her profile to see if it was the same woman...but alas it is not!
p.s. i'm still thinking about what my style is or my colors...but i'm afraid i don't have any!! lol. my decor kind just blends in with how the house came...i desperately want a change!! when i can come up with something solid...i'll let you know!!

Yvonne said...

p.s.s does it help if i say I LOVE & ADORE everything Ikea has ever made???

Unknown said...

Oh stink, Yvonne, I already bought one.

If you find an inspiration pic that has anything you like send it to me.

I love Ikea too! I'm not sure they make anything I don't like!

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