Monday, July 14, 2008

Lovely Letters...

A few productive things went on today aside from the normal laundry, cleaning and running with the kids. I hung the oh so cute letters I picked up from Hobby Lobby and cooked a turkey, all by 12:00 this morning. I am going to give Jennie-O a shameless plug. They really have a fabulous ready to cook turkey. It comes in it's own ready cook bag, pop it in the oven and in about an hour and a half you have a perfect lil turkey. Such a great flavor, too. So this evening was turkey wraps with strawberry and spinach salad. Let me tell ya I am so far from Betty Crocker. This was my kind of meal. After dinner was our usual walk down at the River. We hadn't been in a few weeks, things have just been busy. We all needed it equally as bad, to be out in the air strolling along.

Just a little funny. I got one strip of backsplash cut today. Some how that is all that nap time allowed! Ha!


Carol said...

Jesse, I love the photo! The letters are so cool, and I can almost taste the turkey! How do you get all this done?!!! Just an amazing MOM!

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