Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anniversary Honors...

It amazes me to think I have known such a wonderful man all of my life. From daycare together, to catching the same bus in middle school, holding hands at a track meet, and starting to officially date as a Freshman in High School! That is certainly a journey, one that I feel blessed to be on. It truly is a blessing to have a best friend that you continue to grow with after 14 years together (9 years married)! Never enough time for just him and I! Love you Joshie! You are truly my soul mate and best friend! Happy Anniversary! Here are just a few pics from over the years!

Here we are at 16 and 17!

Our wedding day!

9 years and 3 kids later!

I couldn't be more blessed!


Anonymous said...

Those pics are hilarious. I love the high school one. Remember the days.

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