Friday, July 25, 2008

Anniversary Outing...

Josh's parents so graciously decided to keep the kids overnight for our anniversary, so around town we went. We are out every chance we got. Ah the days of a non-dirty floor when you get up with your meal. HAHA ! I had been driving, almost every day, by this furniture store that went in at the Southroads shopping center called Home Decorators Collections. My jaw hit the floor at how much unique stuff they had. Tulsa is somewhat limited if you don't just love traditional furniture and accessories. So if you haven't been yet you might check it out. I think it is worthy of a visit... or two...or ten!

You know I can't resist buying a thing or two for the kids and one of the things I picked up was for Blair, the cutest little shoes at the Gap.

Last but certainly not least is our new shower curtain in the bathroom. I just love it! I am kind of going with a blue/black/white theme. So here is a before and a new pic of the after with the new shower curtain. I am going to have to get a new medicine cabinet. This one didn't seem to hold up very well and some of the paint is starting to chip. There is a window in the shower, I never will understand that thinking, so I am going to have the walls tiled and around that window.


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