Saturday, July 12, 2008

Come Together...

So today I ran all around town, well in between naps and feedings, to get the rest of the panels for my much anticipated backsplash project. Anticipated by me, anyway. Stopping also by Hobby Lobby, that I have not been into in forever, looking for a few finishing accessory pieces. My oh so sweet Grandma is going to fix up the new curtains and we will be well on our way to a finish up on the kitchen. I have had the kitchen the same style for about 3 years now, wow I think that may be a record. So it was definitely time for a change. Not to mention finally doing the backsplash. So by next weekend I think I will be able to do the pre-remodel pics and the as finished as I am going to get while living in this house pics. If I thought I would live here for even 5 more years I think I would tear out the old cabinets and opt for some new. Alas that is not the plan. Although plans change. For now though, this is the overhaul. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, Jesse!!! I enjoyed reading all about everything! The children are beautiful! I started a blog today, but I'm not very computer-ready!
Thanks for the hair "do"! Carol

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