Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July "Honey I'm Going To Do"

Today my in-laws stopped by and picked up my oldest son right before nap time. So that means while the twins nap I can start on my backsplash. I only really had time to do behind the stove area. So here is a bit of a peek of our new backsplash that is going in, and some of our color scheme. It will take me a few more weeks of nap time and bed time working on it before it is finished. It is coming along though. Yea! The stove is my last stainless steel appliance I need to purchase. And that will be complete also. Happy 4th!


Anonymous said...


queenjennlynn said...

GORGEOUS!!!! When you're done, you're coming and doing my house...start picking out the colors! =)

Unknown said...

Thanks girls, and Jenn tell me when you want me there!

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