Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 10...

Do you have things you use every day? Things you hope you don't ever have to live without. Well I thought I might share a few essentials I love.

1.) Dolce & Gabbana l'eau The One

I flat iron my hair almost daily and that can really be hard on it. So my favorite reconstructor of all time is Joico's K-Pak. It truly makes such a difference in repairing damaged or dry hair. A must have!

Another hair fave is the Chi Silk Infusion. You can apply this wet or dry or both. Provides shine and protection from heat.

I did not buy jeans last year, so when this winter rolled around I was hurting for pants. I had seen these Miss Me jeans and thought I would give them a try. The BEST thing I ever did! Worth every penny... really! The fit is perfect, with just the right amount of stretch. So comfortable you could sleep in them.

What more to say than a tape measure. I carry one in my purse. Yeah, it is a bit heavy, but a girl has to have one at all times. I am thinking of looking for an app for one on my iphone. Do you know of one?

No, I don't have one of these Canon's yet, but I have a decent camera. And have to have it with me all of the time. One day I will be able to step up and get me this beauty.

Pearl earrings! I wear them almost every day.

Bare Minerals foundation. I have been using it for probably 6 years and am a complete addict. The best stuff for my sensitive skin.

I really did try to spare you a photo of me, but I just couldn't find another photo of a cute black and white scarf. I picked this up at target and have worn it to death already this season.

Last but not least is my iphone. I really babied my last phone along. So much so it took 3 tries to get my #9 to work. We had been shopping around trying to decide if iphones were the route we wanted to take and in the end they won out. Let me just tell you I am very happy with it, too.


Lavender and Lilies said...

I love Bare Minerals too. You simply must a get a Canon. You won't regret it at all.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I sooo need a new phone!

I do have things that I use daily and can't live without. One thing I like to use in Neutragena Daily Defense moisturizer with SPF 30. I'm allergic to perfume and it's the only sunscreen that doesn't cause by face to turn red and itchy-and it's under $15!

I'm addicted to trying new hair products though. I never stick with one.

Jenniboo said...

my life would not be complete without my pearl earrings. :)

Deliciously Organized said...

Your scarf is so cute! I need a new phone and camera really bad! And I love my pearl earrings too! Also, I really love my tape measure!

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