Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Rainy Day

I generally am not a fan of rain, but it was such a wonderful rainy 
day yesterday.
There was a calm around our house,
Rhett was enjoying some free time on the
computer, Jude was working a puzzle,
and Blair was coloring. While they were 
working, I was crafting away myself. 
On this Argyle wreath...

 and these coasters. 

Hello family, I may have just 
found a cute Christmas gift.


Nikki said...

These are both so cute!

emily said...

Those are great! How did you do them? I love the fabric you used on the coasters.

Sharstin said...

lovely! i love some good crafting time:)

Jesse said...

Thank you!

Emily, I am working on a tutorial. =)

Leah said...

Oh I love the rain it is so peaceful! These projects are so cute! Please give us a diy, you are so talented!


Leah said...

I just added your button!


Tatiana said...

Awesome! Those are great ideas, considering that Christmas is just a few months away!

Julie Holloway said...

Jesse--these are the best! Can you make me some? Really, I want to buy some--those coasters match my tile! email me if you want to. Julie

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