Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Love...

There is something romantic about fall. That cool
air, crisp air.  One of my favorite things to do when the 
weather is like this is to take long drives. The windows 
down, the air blowing throw the car. So relaxing.

What about you? Do you have any favorite fall things?

Here are a few of my favorites...

Dining outside,
{via sunset mag}


This really isn't a fall thing, but gorgeous... eh?
Cardigans, probably really my favorite any time of the year.

Hope you are having a lovely Monday.
Enjoy the changes in the season.


Samantha said...

I'm not ready for fall. But your post is helping.

Sharstin said...

i love fall! and this lovely post! i am with you on the cardigans and scarfs--i also love a great pair of boots, hot chocolate, pumpkin anything,and changing leaves, and the crisp air! so fun~

Lindsay said...

I LOVE fall. I love the clothes, boots, OH and pumpkin spice smells. :)

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I am so ready for scarf weather!

Tatiana said...

Oh, I'm so ready for fall! I love the crisp air, all the bright orange colors, the decorating, and all the fall activities that come with it! I get excited just thinking about it!

emily said...

I am looking forward to getting a hot coffee while running errands, since I feel a little ridiculous with a hot drink in 100 degree Texas weather! And love scarves!

Unknown said...

i love scarves!! its too hot here where i live for scarves even in the fall.... have to wait until winter here... no bueno!


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