Monday, April 12, 2010

Soaring Plane and Sore Back...

Yes, it was on of those weekends. I spent most of the day saturday bent over putting this together.
It's a teeter totter airplane.
Man is my back sore! But all worth it because they were tickled pink!
And speaking of pink we had a big container of pink lemonade to quench our thirst.

In other weekend happenings do you remember this table?
Well, when I rearranged the living room I needed a coffee table. That's where this table comes in.
I really didn't have any other place for the entry table and love it's shape so I thought, heck I'll just cut it down to coffee table height. 
Repurpose right?

 I am thrilled about it's new height! I have been staring at it for weeks now, just to make sure it was  what I really wanted to do.
Now the burning question is, do I paint it white?

What do you think?


Lovely Little Nest said...

Fabulous idea! The entry table turned coffee table really looks great!

P.S. The pink lemonade looks yummy! Where did you get the pitcher, or whatever it's called? :)

Michelle said...

Is that the dispenser from Costco?

I LOVE the coffee table even more than its previous form! Great idea and I would keep it black.

Jesse said...

Thank you! I got the pitcher at Target.

Sharstin said...

wow the coffee table looks great!! what an awesome idea~ I think white would be so much fun! but I like it how it is too...tough decision! that little airplane teeter totter is too cute--especially with your little ones in it!

Nikki said...

Great idea to cut the table down! It's hard to say about he color without seeing more of the room. I'm sure you will make the right choice.

Joi said...

I like it even better like this! And I'm usually all for the repaint but my vote is to keep it as is!

emily said...

Love the new coffee table! It looks great.

sara said...

Ingenious! The new coffee table is fantastic!

shani said...

Wonderful job! Yes yes to painting it white!!

Sarah said...

what a brilliant idea. I light it's look but white always looks nice too.
Seriously where did you get such an amazing teeter totter??

Krystie said...

I'm a white kinda girl, so PAINT IT WHITE!! ;)

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

That is a really cool airplane teeter totter!
And your new coffee table looks great. Loving the drink dispenser, I want one.
Stop over next week, Im having my first give-away.

Farmfield Greenhouses said...

It is beautiful the way it is. I think you will kick yourself if you paint it white. Great Idea cutting it down. You could also do this to make kids achairs and tables.

Freckles Chick said...

WOW WOW WOW! I've always loved that entryway table and now I'm officially smitten with it. Utterly smitten. You're a genius--I never would have thought of cutting it down!!

I personally adore the glossy black. It gives it a Hollywood Regency vibe. Don't designers always say that every room needs something in black to "ground" it?

When can I come over to try out that teeter plane & have some pink lemonade? =]

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