Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lovely Images

Thank You all so much for your sweet comments for Josh! He had a fun day! 
We treated him to some of his favorite things, jelly bellies and
Chinese food. You guys are all so great!

How divine is this bathroom? I would love a long hot soak in that tub.

I'm feeling the need to be carefree and throw caution to the wind. Maybe
it's the fall weather. Or maybe I need a vacation, hehe. I think it's because
I'm a pretty"do the right thing" kind of person. Always thinking about how
my decisions will impact my children or make someone else feel. When I 
say throw caution to the wind, I think my version of that is pretty tame. So today
I'll settle for some pretty photos. That and a tea and I'm one happy lady. Hope
you are all having a happy week.

Hugs to all of you!


Krystle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Josh! Glad he enjoyed his day!! I need a vacation too. I would like to go to Ireland next year but nothing's set in stone.

Unknown said...

congrats Josh!!!!!

Lovely images indeed Jesse... The balloons are fab!!!

emily said...

That's too funny -- I totally agree with you about my version of throwing caution to the wind.

As usual, the pics are great!

Sharstin said...

love that rug in the fab bathroom! and i think i need a vaca too:)

Tatiana said...

Love that bathroom! And I've been dying to go on a vacation! Thankfully we're taking a little tiny one this weekend :-)

Mommy Moja said...

thank you for the idea... love the room!

from rona of

fifa-munzen said...

Wir behandelten ihn einige seiner Lieblings-Dinge, Gelee Bäuche und
Chinesisches Essen. Ihr seid alle so groß!


FIFA Münzen

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