Friday, October 8, 2010


Monday is the day friends! I will reveal my secret. So I hope you will join me then!
I have a fun surprise in store for you! 

I have a few projects I hope to finish this weekend. I am taking Karen's advice and covering 
my stool with some faux fur. I think it will be a nice touch with my new vanity. I'll share pics
for sure. =)

Oh one more thing, I thought I might give you a heads up. I am not pregnant. LOL
You guys are so funny! At least I know I have lots of support from my sweet bloggie friends!
We are finished with the baby making. ;) After the twins we did consider having one more. But 
our family doesn't work that way. We don't get singles. My grandmothers sister had 2 sets of twins
and I wasn't really willing to take that chance. That would be 5 kids, whew! I am happy with the
sweeties I have.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And will join me Monday for my surprise, or maybe
surprises! =)



amanda torres said...

I didn't even think preggo, but you guys do make some cute kids! Can't wait for next week. I just love visiting your blog every morning and seeing all your 'pretties'.

Sharstin said...

i am excited for your surprise/surprises!! and i think your stool is going to look fabulous! have a fabulous friday!!

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see the new projects/find out the surprise! Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

What a lovely pic. I can't wait for the big surprise next week.
Have a great weekend Jesse.

Unknown said...

oh Jesse ow funny!!!!!!! 5 kids does sound like a lot of work, I have one and always have my hands full!!! LOL I cant wait to see the result of your DIY ;)

Leah said...

OH bummer! I was hoping you were prego lol! So excited to hear your surprise!


Lindsay said...

OH so exciting :) Cant wait! Email me when you get a moment so we can work out the details :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

excited to hear the news:)

I didn't know you had twins! My husband and I are hoping we are blessed with at least 5 children, although I haven't had twins......yet! ;)

emily said...

Can't wait to find out the news soon . . .

Homeowner Insurance said...

I love surprises! Your photos are awesome!

Unknown said...

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