Thursday, October 8, 2009

Survey Says...

I have been slowly adding some new touches to our bathroom. The new shelves and cabinet, and now it is time for tile. I love the vintage look of subway tiles. So classic and timeless. Last week we had a man come out to bid the installation of the tile. He proceeded to tell me how kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Maybe I should choose a tile that was more up to date. hmmmm. At first I thought, is he kidding?  Subway tiles stand the test of time. As the day went on I started to question myself. Maybe I should be looking at some different tile. What do you think? Do you like subway tile or prefer some of the larger tile they tend to do in new construction? Would love to know what you all think. Here are some photos that inspire me.

{Mrs. Limestone}



Freckles Chick said...

I *heart* these bathrooms. Sigh.

Is this for the floor or shower? I am so in love w/ subway tiles and they ARE timeless. I'm also digging cararra marble (hexagons especially & also the herringbone pattern layout that's cropping up in designs), price permitting. WHat I DON'T like is the beige tiles every new construction seems to have out there. Regardless, I think any tile would look great laid out in the staggered, brick pattern.

Yeesh, I wrote you a novel. =]

{My ornate frame is 28x31 in. but the actual picture opening is 19x22 in.}

Nikki said...

I happen to REALLY like the subway tiles, I agree that they are timeless. Having said that, my husband and dad are tile contractors and they almost always do some time of stone or large porcelain tile in the bathrooms that they do. I think in the end you have to go with what you love and what fits your home.

jenni said...

subway tiles!!! if thats what you love then do it. large tile is done in new construction because its cheaper. your home is not a -cookie cutter, south tulsa (or owasso,)designed by bob the builder who does things cheaply to make money- home. its YOUR home. do what makes you happy. in all honesty, i think nothing stands the test of time. so do what makes you smile now. and in ten years, do it again.

PamperingBeki said...

I love subway tiles!
And that ginormous chippy mirror over the tub? *swoon*

I left your blog open all day yesterday and grooved to your music while making jewelry.

Jesse said...

Well that settles it, I am going for the subway tiles! We had another carpenter come by today. Let me just say... he was soooooo much better! Thanks so much to all of you for your input! What great blogger friends I have. =)

Beki, I am glad you enjoy the music. I often do the very same thing, while I am making dinner! See you tomorrow for Fingerprint Friday!

Jesse said...

FC, the tile is going on the walls to replace the acrylic surround. =) I totally agree with you on the cookie cutter new construction tile. I don't love it.

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