Monday, October 6, 2008

6 Things You Might Not Know About Me...

Just a bit of getting to know ya better! Hope you enjoy.

1~I used to be shy, I swear. So shy in fact when I was a young girl I wouldn't even look people in the eye. Now you can't hardly shut me up, probably the biz I am in. BTW, I am a hairstylist. I guess that is why all of my kiddos are talkers. Although I can't take all the credit my hubby is in the people biz too!

2~I can sing. I was a soprano in my high school choir and loved to sing. But being the wall flower that I was in those days, was to shy to do only one solo during our annual Christmas concert. Of course now the only people who hear me sing are my hubby and kids and the occasional client, if I'm feeling frisky!

3~ I am a pretty kick butt soccer player. I played pretty well my whole life and still enjoy Rhett trying to chase me down with the ball. A little keep away if you will. Until he tackles me. My sister was always the great athlete, but I was pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

4~I would love to be a vegan. Some may think I am crazy, but I have read so many thing about this life style that I wished I could do it. Although I have read so many thing that now I am so overwhelmed I am not sure how to start. That and I have a son named Jude who never met a veggie he liked! AAARRRGGHH!

5~French Kiss is my favorite movie of all time! I just love Meg Ryan and one of these years I will go out and see her new movie "The Women".

6~I have a fear of cats. They are so unpredictable. Not like dogs who you can tell if they are friendly of not. Cats, nope they can just pounce on you. Scary! How dorky am I?!


Serendipity said...

It is great to know you better. Thanks for letting us in! And Oh, now you will have to sing for me while you're washing my hair! :)

Anonymous said...

You were/ are a freaking awesome soccer player. And yes one heck of a singer. You ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my and how could I forget...French Kiss rocks my socks too!!

Unknown said...

K-Your my sis so you have to say those thing, and I love you!

T- Fat chance of that sister,I really have to be feeling frisky, you know that shy bone! Can't wait to hear about the house.

Freckles Chick said...

Love these little peeks into your personality!
(I have an aversion to cats, too. Unlike dogs, you never know what they're thinking.....)

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