Friday, February 19, 2010

Painting In My Sleep...

 I have been a busy girl the last few days. The weather was a bit nicer so I took the opportunity to get a few outside project finished and a few inside ones as well. 

Project completed:
Painted the porch
Embellished porch steps
Painted 3 vases
Painted mirror frame
Painted decorative frame
Painted the living room

The frames and vases are things I have had for a while and repurposing. I am happy with how the porch turned out. Now it is ready for spring. I would love to be able to get out and pretend I have a green thumb and get some plants in the ground. But it is just not quite warm enough for that yet... darn.

While I was not quite this ambitious with my porch painting project, below are some inspiration.

And on a completely unrelated topic I found this print that I absolutely adore.
This shop is a must visit!


Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I love these!

Sharstin said...

wow that is a lot of painting girly! good for you~ These porches are so pretty. I love the floors on the third picture. great print too. Have a great weekend chick!

Shannon Phillips said...

Dang girl! You can come do my house next if you want to. ;)

Mom To The 3rd Power said...

Well... uh.... you gotta show some pics of all those projects you did! lol!
I would love to see your "embellished" porch steps!

Mise said...

That's a lot done! I love those painted patterned floors that inspired you. I wish I had the patience for them.

Lovely Little Nest said...

Wow, you are so ambitious! Are you going to post pics of your projects? Would love to see them!

And I love that print ~ how cute :)

carlee {deliciously organized} said...

I hope you share pics of all your hard work!

Freckles Chick said...

Please send some of that nice weather our way. Fluffy flakes are falling as I type this. Have been for days!!

Can't wait to see your projects!

sara said...

Wow, you are a painting machine! I love all the pics, but especially the one of the green floor with the white squares, just lovely!

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