Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I love finding new ways to use things we already own. So when I saw this picture of this cake stand repurposed as a fragrance stand I fell in love. What a pretty way to store your smelly goods. Which got me thinking of how much I love the bottles the spices come in. The Target brand (Archers Farm) spices.

Isn't this a pretty little bottle, I am thinking bud vase. Once I get those labels off that is.
Also I was in Target (yeah I know I am there a lot) when I came across the prettiest gift bag. I thought it would go so good in a frame I just spray painted white. Here is the bag when I started.
I was going to tape it to the back of the mat so it wiggle around any. Well wouldn't you know I couldn't find tape any where, but I found a sticker. So this smiling face is on the back of the mat. It works for me.
And here she is. I think it turned out rather nice. Now to decide if I want to put it back in my bedroom or in the living room somewhere.

{Edit: As the day goes on I am loving this so much I may just put one in every room. Ha!}


Shannon Phillips said...

What a great idea! It looks so expensive and modern. Why is it so hard to find good looking modern art around here?

Unknown said...

Thanks Shan, I know what you mean. There is not any place I can think of to find modern art around here. So this is what I resort to.

Taryn said...

Wow- I love what you are doing! I absolutely love the gift bag idea. So perfect!

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