Thursday, February 12, 2009

SSSHHH It's A Secret...

Remember this lil sitting area in the master bedroom?

I thought I might let you in on a small space secret going on in our house. Since we purchased this 3 bedroom home not expecting to have twins we had to get a little creative as to how we would sleep everyone. And using one of the bedrooms as a home office for my husbands biz, that leaves us with two bedrooms. So when thinking of where we would put Rhett, the only logical place was in our bedroom. But I did not want a toddler bed stuffed in the corner of our bedroom.  I am anal when it comes to things being just so. So when I started looking for other options  for his bed I came across this sleeper loveseat. So at night we fold this out and it's his bed, in day time it's folded up and the room looks put together. With no one being the wiser.

Small space big style! That's what I'm after!


Shannon Phillips said...

Wow, you are right that no one would ever know. I will teach you to sew if you teach me to be organized. ;)

Joan said...

Clever - Love it! first time to your blog =)

Jesse said...

Shannon, sounds like a deal!

Joan, Thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear from you!

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