Monday, February 9, 2009

And The Winner Is...

First let me say Thank You to all who entered, I truly do appreciate your comments and your reading. It lifts my day to come home and read the comments you have left! To have that little bit of adult time!

Sorry to make you wait all day for this, I have not had access to my computer til this evening. So here is the play by play. I laid out the contestants on individual strips while the kids anxiously watched.
They each then gave the tea pot a good shake!
Since they were helping we used Blair's giant tea pot as our ticket holder. Don't mind the toy littered living room. Do you like the curtains? Can't keep Blair out of those!! Rhett, drew the name and held it up for all to see. And the winner is...

Congrats girl! Enjoy some cute hair while sippin' some Starbucks!! And since you live around here we will get together to get the goods!
Thank you for the questions too, I will be answering them this week in a few posts!


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