Monday, February 23, 2009

Etsy And Envy...

Yesterday my Aunt and I were talking about home offices in the closet. That left me with such closet envy. I don't have an extra closet. I love the idea of this though. To be able to close the doors on it and it not take up any space in the room! So here are a few beautiful pics of some well organized offices!

This one isn't in a closet, but I loved the look of it!
I haven't done an Etsy post in a while. I found some super cute spring things. Like this gorgeous dress!
I love this top, and this shop has some very interesting things!
Last but not least I am a sucker for scarves! This one is so pretty! Not a spring thing, but that's okay!


Lindsay said...

I would die for a office/work area in a closet. Ohhh how I wish we had the room for one!

btw - GREAT etsy finds!!

Anonymous said...

Ok! You totally rock. I love both pics. The first pic looks more like the size of the closet I want to convert. Once again, you nailed it. Luv u! Auntie

Jackie said...

I'm into scarves lately, I can't seem to find one for spring though. I really want one to take on my cruise.

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