Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Woes...


It is official, I dislike everything about winter. We could totally skip it all together and I would be just fine with that. What do I hate about it.
1. Preheating my car
2. Worrying if my kids are warm enough
3. Getting sick
4. Not being able to get outside and play
5. Snow and Ice
6. High bills
7. No leaves on the trees
8. Grey skies

I think that about covers it. Winter and I don't get along. Come on spring.


Freckles said...

I hear ya. Every winter, I curse it and vow to move to a warmer state. But here in Colorado, it's so sunny that the snow never really sticks around for too long.

If it were possible to have pretty

snow w/out the freezing temps, I'm all for it.

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