Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Awesome Responsiblilty...

When I had my first baby I knew I was destined for some big things. I had this feeling deep down in my gut. I knew I was not going to be sending him (or any of my kiddos) off to kindergarten, but instead to teach them at home. It is amazing to me every day all the questions that Rhett asks me and how very much he is learning just by that. Today we were talking about baking brownies and he asked if we could cut them into triangles instead of squares. There we go learning our shapes. Sometimes I let this awesome responsibility overwhelm me. How blessed am I? To get to be there to see each one of them learn to read, write their name and countless other things. I am truly excited about this journey we are embarking on together. As the twins are growing they too are eager to learn. Little sponges they are!

I want to send out a little love to all my teacher friends and my homeschooling friends. Thanks for the support and encouragement! Love you guys!


Shannon said...

teaching my kids at home is not where the Lord has called me at this point in my life, but I have many friends that do and my hat is off to all yall

It is definitely an awesome responsibility!

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