Monday, June 16, 2008


Well finally this last weekend Josh and I were able to get away childless for some much needed time together. We went to our favorite get away, Big D. Aahh the uninterrupted conversation and relaxation was oh so nice. I finally got to meet in person some friends of my husband. Though the visit was not long it was really nice. There aren't to many people in the world whose situations are so similar to your own. What a great visit. Thanks Jack and Stephanie for having us!

So many places to eat and see and oh so little time. I really needed on more day. I always feel so obligated to try and fit in all I can because I am not sure when we will be back the next time. God's timing, right! It is hard when you feel like you are leaving a place that just feels so right. Feels like home. Anyhoo it was a great time. The Embassy Suites there in Grapevine is so nice. Breakfast included, can't beat that! Until next time.


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