Monday, June 23, 2008

Full Day...

We decided to get up early and go to the Zoo. We have passes to get in free anytime. So that is quickly becoming our favorite thing to do. We were there by 9:30 A.M. trying to beat the heat. R. really enjoys the looking at all the animals. If you ask him his favorite, he says all of them. He especially liked the Rhinos. I love that the twins are getting big enough to really enjoy it too. B. made me laugh, We strolled up to the giraffes and she pointed and said "doggie". Not quiet sis. We decided to be real brave and test the kids patients and go out to eat after the zoo. I have to say they were all pretty good. It is nice that they are getting big enough to go out and eat at an actual restaurant with them. On our way out my dad called and invited us up to swim. So we went home and let the kids nap and then took them up to swim. The boys were total fish. B. on the other hand was a cat. I think she thought she was melting. She was much more content on the deck. Needless to say they all slept great when we got home. What a fun, full day!


Geneva said...

Adorable Pics! It looks like you guys had a very full day today!!

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