Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our 1st trip

So around our house there is a shortage of outside help. Josh and I help each other, and it works out well. One of the places we absolutely love is Dallas, Texas! Before we had children we were there about once every month or two months. The first child came along and we didn't go but about every six months. And as you can imagine when you get two more babies, well it has been about a year! We were really wanting to take a trip down. By ourselves would be wonderful, but the possibilities of that were looking pretty slight. So we decided we would have to get brave and just take the plunge. We have got the in car DVD, which is a life saver I might add. How hard could it be....

The drive is about four hours and Oklahoma City is a half way point to get out and stretch every ones legs. We packed up and in the car we went. The kids all did so great in the car. Now before I forget to mention this we were wanting to explore a side of town we were not as familiar with, and going to arrive there in the dark. Do you see our mistakes already? Blair and Rhett had just fallen asleep in the car, it was around 9:30 in the evening, and we were getting really close to our destination. Jude was still up glued to the movie. I am thinking "fabulous, he will be so ready to sleep when we get into the hotel".

Thankfully we arrive at a hotel and Josh goes in to get us a room. Yes we did not pre-book a hotel. Not knowing where we were going I wanted to be able to say "this looks like a good spot let's stop here". So we unload everyone and our enormous amount of stuff on the hotel dolly and up to our room. We thank and tip the bellman and start setting up baby beds. Mind you the twins have only slept in their own beds. I get Rhett undressed and ready for bed and put the twins in their porta-cribs and a screaming they go. My poor husband, who just drove about five hours, is tired and now totally freaked out by the kids crying in our thin walled hotel room. So we decided into our king sized bed we would all go. Now if we could just get the babies settled down. In their exhaustion they were not calming down. AAHH, at last no one is crying everyone is asleep, except me. At least no one was crying. I knew I could recover from no sleep.

So I am sure you can easily pick out our mistakes. I hope this helps. I know what now works for us and what I will change and try to do differently next time. We are, crazy as it sounds gearing up for next time. You just have to keep trying and find out what works for you. Just because you don't have help, don't let that hamper you from going out and enjoying things you love to do. Just remember that IT IS going to take you longer, IT IS going to be a learning process, and things are not going to go perfectly. So keep an open mind, and try real hard to have a laid back attitude about it all. Until next time.


  • Have your baby sleep in the porta-crib for naps and bed time a few times before you take your trip.
  • If you are traveling some where unfamiliar, don't travel at night.
  • If you are not pre-booking a hotel make sure there are no major events going on in the area


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