Sunday, September 9, 2007

The big 1 year!!

Well by the grace of God we made it through the first year! Everyone is healthy and happy. We didn't have a blow out party, that is just to overwhelming for the little ones. Wow did they look cute in their birthday hats. All three lined up at the table with their cupcake and party hat. Just dying to dig in. Especially Jude, he is my hands on everything child. If he can get it in his mouth he is game. I am constantly digging things that don't belong. Blair of course is pretty dainty when it comes to eating, still won't pick things up and eat them. Looks at you as if to say "come on and feed me I'm waiting". And Rhett what a great helper. He had his party hat on, digging into his cupcake and of course excited to help with the presents!

We have shot to do next week. Double time, sounds like fun, huh?! Our plan is to have my husband set in the lobby with one of the twins and Rhett, so no one is scared to go back later. We will do one child at a time. And daddy and big brother can sooth who I take back. Sounds like a good plan to me. I'll let you know on how it goes.


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