Thursday, August 19, 2010

Filling in the Blank Space...

So a couple of posts ago I asked your take on how you like to display or not your television.
Now I am curious. If you are using open storage, what are your thoughts on the wall around the tv?
Do you do something with it?
Like these frames.

Or do you leave it bare?

 To bad I don't have a mantle.
 I would love to have your feedback. I know for me I like having the open storage. But as I look at the blank space around the television it drives me crazy.
What say you?

And this image is totally random, but I would love to have this secretary desk!
Isn't it fab?!
{all images via decorpad}


...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Our tv is on display, and we only have a large clock over it. I grew up though, with the tv behind closed cabinets. I like it both ways, to be honest. :)

I love the first photo with all the frames!

Lavender and Lilies said...

Our tv is in an armoire right now but it's going to be out soon because I'm buying a media stand. I think I am going to hand this long subway sign I have behind it. It would be a lot of empty wall space if I didn't hang anything because our ceilings are high. I vote for display and yes hang things around it.

Val said...

We had a builder do a built the wall, but that second picture you posted looks like perfection!!!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

The desk is gorgeous!! And such a lovely color, too.

I like having it open, not boxed up. And yes, I like to do something with the wall, usually photos or a shalf with cool knick knacks :-)

Leah said...

I like the second example, the first is too much and the third is too little. And I adore the Secretary desk!


Sharstin said...

awesome desk--love the blue! and I am with Leah on what to put on the wall~ hope you are having a wonderful day~

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

The first image looks a bit busy. That doesn't seem like the type of style that you usually go for. I'm picturing something with a cleaner look. Maybe just a few pretty, colorful pieces to distract the eye a bit without overwhelming you.

Mom To The 3rd Power said...

I don't like the open space at ALL!! I think the flat screen sitting in the middle of a wall just on the tv stand is a huge eye sore!! I like it a little better if it's sitting on a piece of furniture, like a buffet or hutch. But then you have the issue of DVD player, cable box, etc. And for me, I like art (ie family photo, decorative pieces, etc.) and lighting above my fireplace mantle. That's one of the things I pay attention to as we are looking for a different house. I would do the TV above the fireplace, but don't love it from a decorative stand point.
I prefer it in an armoir or hutch. Currently I have built-ins on both sides of my fireplace, so it works. And I even have doors that can be pulled out and shut to hide the TV, but rarely do that.
That's my thoughts... since you asked. lol!! ;-P

Joi said...

You know what's behind my tv--medallions! And I love it!

Sarah said...

our tv in our family room is on display, mounted to our wall and hangs above our fireplace. since there are built in cabinets/shelves on each side that is how it's decorated. for you, i think it depends on wear you place the tv in the room. is it a focal point in front of the couch or off to the side? the second photo is beautiful. I like simple and clean and open. i love a lot of the staging pottery barn does in their catalogs with tv's.. have you ever been to one of their decorating classes? i am dying to go to one, I bet they'd have some great ideas too. good luck.

Julie Holloway said...

Just wanted to say have a good weekend....I have no good solution...ours is an eyesore. Love these pictures, though!


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