Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Care for Your Hair...

A friend of mine recently moved away :(.
But on the bright side of things she was introduced to fabulous
new product that she shared with me!


Let me just tell you how wonderful it truly is!
I have had a favorite reconstructor/deep conditioner for at least 10 years.
Nothing I tried beat it!
Until now!
It is quickly becoming my new favorite.
If you might take a piece of advice from a
hairstylist (in my real life).
 If you wear color, or your hair is dry at all
you really should give it a try.


Sharstin said...

sounds like something i need to try out! thanks chick~

Erin said...

Where can I get it from?!

Kim Hudson said...

Sniff, Sniff, you made me cry!! I miss you much, not only because you made my hair look fab but I just love our girl times!! I am happy you are spreading the news about this great product. Let me testify that everything Jesse says is true. I discovered this new (to me) product and I can't stop telling everyone about it. It truly transformed my hair in about 30 days.

Come visit me!! I can't wait to take those three kiddos to the ocean and play on the beach.

Love you!!

sara said...

Well, I'm sold, sounds fantastic! Where can one buy this awesome product??

Jesse said...

Girls, I believe that it is opening all over. So you might check with your salon. If they don't currently carry it they may be able to order it for you. And on the small chance you can't get it from them check your Sephora or Ulta or the company website.

Sarah said...

well I am always looking for a good product. also I am trying to switch as much as I can to organic. thanks for turning me onto this.

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