Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kids Spaces...

When we are in our next home little miss Blair will have her very own space. AAHHH the day. Not that she minds now sharing with her brother. She doesn't know any different. I adore this space. It's a bit grown up for the age she is now, but none the less beautiful. I look forward to doing something like this with her.
And how neat of a space is this, I found over at Tradtional Home. This was a bonus room where the kids play games and have friends and cousins stay over. What a great idea. Love it!
This idea is a definite DO! I discovered it via The Creative Crate.  
The time has come for the twins to get new beds. Yep, they are still in cribs. I know... yes, they will be 3 in August. But they fit just fine in their baby beds. They are small kids. Poor things didn't get height from me. Any hoo, I have been looking at beds for some time. I really wanted this daybed from West Elm ,
 but I think I will wait until they are out of that "don't care what happens to nice stuff" age.
For now since the twins share a room, this is the bed option I am going with. It's from Ikea, and the nice thing about it the obvious. It is space saving! The height was a definite selling point too. The top bunk comes  just below my shoulder and I'm 5'2. So not too tall. But I am going to paint it. I have some ideas I am tossing around. Not sure yet. 


Emily said...

I love that bunk room - it reminds me of summer camp.

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