Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Humorous Someday...

I know one of these days I will laugh, just not yet. The twins, I have mentioned, have figured out how to get out of their beds. Well at first it was only at nap time. We have now graduated to bed time also. I went in to find Jude in bed with Blair. Boy are they good climbers! So of course "out you go" I say "back to your own bed". After a few times I thought maybe he just wants to be with her after all they are twins. No they just wanted to play. I lost count how many time they got up, but when 11:00 P.M. was looming I was getting pretty tired of the whole situation. Hopefully this is only going to be a faze. A short one. Any suggestion, I am all ears!


Unknown said...


The Blog looks good babe.

Proud of what your doing.

Love You,

Anonymous said...

It's Harmony and I was going to tell you that I've seen these crazy net tent like things that attach to the top of the crib. Maybe if you google you could see how much they cost..

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