Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who I am...Now

I thought it would be fun to do little bios for each of the kids. What a fun record of what they are doing as little people!


AKA "Rhettskie"

Such a grown up 3 years old. I just can't say how proud I am of him. He is such a great big brother. Always helping his brother or sister. I will be so glad when they realize that is what he is doing for them. His favorite things are helping me cook. Playing with his bike and cars outside, lining them all in a row. Helping me with the dishes, I am sure I will be reminding him of this one someday. He loves Veggietales, Thomas the Train, and Bob the Builder. It is so much fun to watch his little imagination at work. Always saying the sweetest things to me. Last night at bed time he hugged my neck and said "your the best" . Melts me, I don't know about you. Talks to everyone. He is pretty social, not much of a shy bone. He has taught his little sis how to count to ten and how to tell knock knock jokes. How funny! They are quite the pair.


AKA "Judie"

I know I know, that is probably girly, but he is the farthest from it. And it is so darn cute! What a rough and tumble little guy. Trying to keep up with brother but trying to look like he is not. He is certainly my strong silent type. Generally more reserved, but started to be a bit more social these days. He is a guys guy. Always gravitates to the men. He used to cry if someone he did not know talked to him. Thanks goodness that phase passed. He loves to wrestle around with his brother and dad. Sometimes he will go pushing on Blair, to see if she will wrestle with him. No go. He loves to be outside and boy do you have to drag him kicking and screaming back in. No matter how long he has been out there. He has that yummy baby fat that makes you want to eat him up. Doesn't help that he has that mysterious man thing going on either. He love Veggietales and Bob the builder. And dances at all the theme songs. I need that on video!


AKA "Blairie"

Last but certainly not least. What an amazing little personality. And like her oldest brother not a shy bone in her. For example we were at Target just the other night in the shoe isle and across the isle in the men's sections she spies a lady shopping and has to yell HI nice and loud to get her attention. Because you know she wasn't being looked at. She has a fun little sense of humor and will talk your leg off. The knock knock jokes I mentioned above, one of her very favorite things to do. She is so proud of herself. I laughed at her showing off her counting abilities at Christmas time. She would go set on different laps and start in 1,2,3, all the way to ten. Then laugh and clap! Talk about working a room. One things she loves, shoes! Don't necessarily have to be hers, could be mine, or her brothers or her daddies! Right now she will come up to me and say Hi...doing? So sweet!

So busy and full of life! So funny how different they can all be. But that is what makes it so fun! We have major spring fever around our house! Can't wait to get outside. So fun spring posts and pics to come!

Quote of the post

"For by grace you have been saved though faith: and that not of yourself, it is the gift of God. Not as a result of works, so that no one may boast" Ephesians 2:8-9

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