Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fabulous Blog Award...

So sweet of my friend Cari to award this lil ole blog. So I'll do my best of follow the rules!

And the rules are: List 5 addictions and then pass this award onto 5 friends!

1) Home decor anything, magazines, websites even ads in the paper! If only the time and money to do all the lovely ideas I have collected over the years!

2) Shoes for my kiddos, I will forgo a cute pair of shoes for myself to get my kids a nice pair of shoes. Seems like most of the cheap stuff is so clunky and ugly! I like them to have a quality shoe!

3) Getting a cookie from Panera or Queenie's about 3:00 almost every day! AAHHH what a bad habit to have!

4) Blogging, and reading blogs! I love all the different kinds of blogs from life style to decorating to parenting! So much fun and totally addictive!

5) Last but certainly not least is...Target. I am completely addicted! I love EVERYTHING they have. I could spend hours and hours or...well... till the kids are whining and ready to go home. You didn't think I got to go by myself did you!

And the awards goes to: Mrs Serendipity


Freckles Chick said...

Totally understand the Target obsession. I've switched my Rx's to their pharmacy and even do some of my grocery shopping there just so I can further nurture my love affair with Tarjay. It's not the healthiest relationship but we make it work =o)

Thanks for the tag, girl!

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