Thursday, August 6, 2009

Find Your Style In One Photo Challenge...

Alek over at From The Right Bank To The Left Coast has a challenge. Have you heard of it yet? It is find a photo that sums up your style in one pic. TALK ABOUT HARD. As I was pouring over my saved photos I came across this one that I think sums up my style... now. I love the mix of the girly feminine pieces and the clean lined modern pieces in this photo. The graphic yet subtle texture and pattern of the wall paper and how the soft lines of the mirror contrast. With small pops of color the space seems so soothing. I think this photo really sums up what I am loving at the moment.
{photo via decor8}

I have to tell you though. I have such a love for so many styles that it is really hard for me to nail down one. So I guess that makes me kind of eclectic. Who knew? Thanks Alek for putting on this challenge. I really have enjoyed keeping my eye out for that perfect photo.



Hi, Jesse! So glad you played along! It's totally hard but so fun, isn't it? I love mix in your photo as you pointed out. That rug is definitely a favorite. You should come and add a link to this post on the challenge page so others can see it. Thanks again for participating!

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